If once you have slept on an island~Rachel Field

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I love this poem, and its true. I miss my little island. The harbor is beautiful enough to capture the attention of people who live their entire lives near it. I see pictures and posts and I long for it.

It snowed in Michigan and someone posted a link to these amazing and easy to make ice globes– The odds of it getting cold enough here to try this are pretty slim, so I was sad.

I know that the North Branch Independent Bank is playing Christmas music, my grandma and the other volunteers at the emergency aid thrift shop are decorating it for the holidays and I miss that little farming community, as much as I miss the little island.

There is a town in Tennessee called Leipers Fork. It is so quaint and friendly it feels staged. Like falling into Pleasantville. I tell everyone though if I ever became wealthy I’d live on Sanibel Island in Florida. Where people ride tandem bikes and wave in their white capris like a postcard. I wouldn’t though, by the time I got settled my heart would long for the mountains.

It’s not that I’m a gypsy there are just too many places that feel like home.

Louis Armstrong had it right.

  1. Sweet post, Kate! I like the poem you mention, too, but whenever I’m away from here, it’s Langston Hughes that sustains me:
    Wave of Sorrow
    Do not drown me now.
    I see the Island
    Still ahead somehow
    I see the Island
    And its sands are fair
    Wave of Sorrow
    Take me There.

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